5 Common Winter Mold Myths

Posted on December 14, 2021

If mold spreads throughout your home for long periods, it could mean some serious potential damage for both your house and your family’s health. A popular misconception about mold is that it’s seasonal — that somehow the problem disappears once warmer seasons are gone. 

It’s essential for your safety that you treat this and so many other myths with a grain of salt, understanding that there are many layers to this issue that homeowners tend to miss. At Steamatic Cleaning and Restoration, we are here to break down the most common mold myths to get out of your mind. 

Mold Myths and Facts to Remember this Winter

1. The Seasonality of Mold

Mold is commonly thought of as a seasonal problem, but that is not the case. Just because winter means colder temperatures, it doesn’t mean that water issues, dampness, or flooding won’t occur. From frozen pipes bursting to a leaking water heater, there are many sources for mold to fester and grow during this cold season. 

2. The Speed of its Growth

Do NOT underestimate the severity of how quickly mold can spread. It’s a common myth that mold does not grow as fast as in the spring or summer because of the cold air. Wintertime provides the perfect environment for mold to grow inside homes because it’s cold outside, and there are no open windows or doors letting fresh air circulate through the house.

3. Its Danger During Winter

Some people tend to underestimate the danger of having mold in your home. We’ll put it this way: people spend more time indoors during winter months — increasing their chances of coming into contact with airborne spores that will eventually make them sick. It’s important to act fast when you first notice an issue. 

4. The Clean-Up Process

Upon the first notice of mold, if your immediate thought is that bleach will be enough to handle the situation, please rethink! Mold is tricky and can spread to areas you can’t see as well as the spot where you first saw it. Just bleaching it won’t do the trick. 

5. Who to Reach Out to

Just because it may seem like an off-season for mold or water damage clean-up doesn’t necessarily mean a professional won’t be able to help. In fact, a professional mold removal team would be available to assist all year round. And, the team here at Steamatic is ready to aid this winter! When it comes to residential and commercial mold remediation, we’ve got you covered.

Let Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning Assess Your Hold For Mold This Winter

Mold can spread relatively quickly, with no space of your home being entirely invulnerable to its attacks. Because of its dangerous nature, it’s not a job meant for homeowners to get rid of. Make your home or business safe by contacting our team at 203-985-8000 today so that we can perform the necessary mold prevention and clean-up process you need.